Adding Mob Treatments

From drenching to injecting, all treatments are done via Mob Actions. To add a mob action:

1. Touch the relevant mob in mobs view or on the map to expand options

2. Touch 'Add mob action'

3. Enter number affected, date and action type

4. If the mob action involves a chemical or feed type, touch Add Product and select the relevant product from the Chemical or Feed inventory. Also note: If applicable, the withholding period (WHP) and Export Slaughter Interval ((ESI, Aus only) is then attached to the Mob - you will see a red dot on the Mob highlighting that it is within a WHP or ESI period.

5. Add any additional notes

6. Add Action

If you're adding a mob action for an individual animal, you can enter the number affected as 1 and then identify the animal in Notes.

You can also do Bulk Mob Actions by selecting more than one mob.

sheep leaving the yard after a drench treatment
Coming out the yards after being drenched
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