How to add offspring or births to a paddock or mob

Need to add lambs, calves or livestock young to your property? Easy. Just add a new mob. Click on a paddock > View Mobs > Add new mob via the purple plus sign

What about DSE (Dry Stock Equivalent)?

A lamb or calf at foot is approximately double the DSE of a dry sheep or dry cow. So what we recommend is that you use the default DSE for both the offspring mob and the bearing mob, eg.

8 DSE (dry cow) + 8 DSE (calf) = 16 (cow bearing 0–3 month calf)

What about lambing percentages?

We are still working on a good solution for lambing percentages. But one way to get a quick summary of the total lambing percentages would be to calculate it through the Livestock Totals summary.

Go to options (top left corner) > Summaries > Livestock Totals

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