Customising Mobble for your farm

At Mobble we aim to keep things flexible. Most lists in Mobble can be customised to suit your farm such as paddock types, breeds, genders, classes, mob and paddock action types, and ear tag colours. It can be worthwhile spending some time tailoring these lists to your needs, although if you forget anything, you’ll also be able to add to the lists as you enter records. 


  1. Head to the main menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Classes, Types & Tags
  4. Select a list
  5. Select a list item to edit or delete, or select the Add button at the bottom middle
  6. Select Add
  7. Enter a new label text
  8. Select the Tick button


  1. Select Settings > Property Settings
  2. Select a list 
  3. Select the trash can icon next to the list icon to delete, or the pencil and paper icon to edit
  4. Select the plus symbol in the bottom right> Add Custom Field to add a new list item
  5. Complete the relevant details, then select Submit

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