Customising Mobble for your farm

In property settings you can customise the dropdown most lists in Mobble e.g. add a new paddock type, breed or class. Expand the lists in the web-app and delete items you don’t need using the trash can icons, or add a new entry via the plus button in the bottom right corner.

Customisable lists include:

  • Paddock Types - great for differentiating a paddocks use or geo location, changing paddock types will also change paddock colours.
  • Breeds - Mobble comes pre-filled with a variety of breeds, but most farmers will only use a handful of them, so removing the breeds you don't and adding breeds you do need will simplify adding mobs in the future.
  • Genders - livestock genders are also pre-filled, but you may want to add more genders that more accurately define the livestock.
  • Classes (naming mobs) - classing mobs is a great way to differentiate a mob more gradually, you can add custom classes such as where they were bought from, preg testing results, progeny line, etc.
  • Actions & Treatments - Mobble comes pre-filled with a variety of Mob and Paddock Action types, not all of these types will be appropriate for your farm, so we recommend removing the ones that aren't and adding the ones that are.
  • Tag Colours - if you use different coloured age tags to the ones that come pre-filled, you can edit those colours.

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