Histories, Filters and Summaries

All your Mobble data is quick and easy to view through histories, summaries and reports. Here’s where to find them. 


To access property history: 

  1. From the paddocks or mobs page, select the Event Log button in the top right (bell icon) 

To access paddock history: 

  1. Select a paddock
  2. Select Paddock info/history/tasks 
  3. Select History tab

To access mob history: 

  1. Select a paddock 
  2. Select View Mobs
  3. Select a mob
  4. Select Mob info/history
  5. Select History tab 

You can filter these histories by selecting the Filter button in the top right (funnel icon). You can also delete actions from the mob, paddock or property history. Just select the action, edit, and delete.

To access summaries: 

  1. Head to the menu on the left 
  2. Select Summaries 


You can view the property history from the dashboard. To view the history of a mob or paddock, select Mobs or Paddocks from the menu on the left, then select the mob or paddock you need. 

The menu is also where you can find Reports, including a livestock reconciliation report and a sales report. 

To export data from Mobble, see our article on how to export and print off records

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