How to Order Paddocks in Mobble

Mobble organises paddocks alphabetically by default, with the Yard at the top of the list. If you'd prefer to order your paddocks differently, here are some tips to achieve this.

Reordering Paddocks

You can add a number prefix before the paddock name to put your paddocks in your preferred order, e.g. editing paddock "River Flat" to "1 River Flat" will move it to the top of the list. To edit a paddock name: from paddocks view, touch the paddock to expand options> paddock info/history> "edit" in the top right> edit name> update paddock.

If ordering paddocks with numbers, it is best practice to use 01, 02, 03 for single digit numbers and so it orders correctly in amongst double digit numbers (eg. 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, etc.).

Combining Properties

If you've got multiple blocks or properties that are managed together, you might prefer to combine them as one property in Mobble. You can still organise your paddocks according to their property by adding a prefix that relates to the property name before each paddock, e.g. "SL Paddock 1" for the first paddock in the property St Leonards.

Keep in mind that we can upload your paddocks in bulk for you if you're just starting out or have a new property- send through a spreadsheet of the paddock names, types and areas to and we'll be happy to help!

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