How to sell a mob

You can sell a mob easily in both the Mobile App and Web App.


  1. Head to the main menu (top left button with three lines)
  2. Select Mobs 
  3. Select the relevant mob to expand
  4. Select Sell Mob
  5. Enter details
  6. Save

Mobs can also be selected from the map. Go to main menu > Maps > Select Paddock > View mobs > Select Mob > Sell Mob


  1. Select Mobs from the main menu
  2. Select relevant Mob
  3. Click green plus button (bottom left of page)
  4. Select Sell Mob
  5. Enter details
  6. Add Sale

This information is then stored within a neat sales summary. To view the sales summary, follow the below steps. 

  1. Head to the menu
  2. Summaries 
  3. Sales

Note: If you're selling a mob that hasn't been added to a property yet, you will have to add that Mob to a paddock before it can be sold in Mobble

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