Managing Mobble offline

Mobble works offline in the paddock when you do. We have built an 'Offline Request' system into our mobile app that allows you to put in requests while offline and sync those requests when back online. Mobble also makes sure you have all the most relevant information when out in the paddock with no reception with our 'Offline Management' feature.

Using Mobble Offline

If you are the only user of Mobble on your farm, you will always have the most recent information saved to your phone and ready to be accessed offline. But for farmers that have more than one person on the property, you can't always be certain you have all the most recent information on your phone, and this is why we recommend you sync your property before going offline.

Make sure Mobble is up-to-date

To sync your property and make sure you have all the most recent data before going offline, do the following while in service:

  1. Head to the menu on the left
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Offline settings
  4. Select Sync with cloud
  5. Once the sync is complete, you will be sure that your property on Mobble is up-to-date for offline use 👍

Using Mobble offline in the paddock

When using Mobble offline, you'll be able to access all your most recent history and data. You can also save 'Offline Requests' while offline, which can be synced with the property when back online. To create an offline request, do any operation as you normally would (such as a Mob Move) while offline, and that operation saves as an offline request. The next time you open Mobble when back in service, it will prompt you to sync those requests.

Mobble offline farm management, works when you do

Mobble will make sure your data is safe by handling duplication errors with offline use. For example, if someone else on the property double enters information, you can be confident that Mobble will check for those changes and make sure the data never becomes corrupt. Mobble will also help visualise any changes to the property while you've been offline, so you can be confident before accepting an 'Offline Request'.

No service, no worries. Mobble works offline in the paddock when you do. 👍

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