Mob movements, all you need to know

Move, split, merge, box mobs. We pride ourselves on the simplicity and practicality of mob movements. So how do you do it?

Move mobs

You can move a singular mob (1) by just selecting the mob you want to be moved or you can move multiple mobs (2) from within a paddock. When moving multiple mobs within a paddock you can also deselect mobs that are to stay behind.

1. Move a single mob

Mobs can be selected from the mobs list or from the map. Select a single mob > Select ‘Move/Split mob’ > Select paddock to move mob to> Move Mobs

2. Move multiple mobs

Select a paddock from the paddock list or map> Move mobs> Select mobs you want to move> Select paddock to move mobs to > Move Mobs

Split a mob

Splitting a mob is similar to moving a single mob, except you change the number to split. The remainder stays in the paddock.

Select a single mob > Select ‘Move/Split mob’ > Select paddock to move to > Define number to move > Split Mob

Quite often when splitting a mob it is for reasons like classing, weaning and splitting age groups. We have made this possible in the ‘Advanced splitting options’. You can change the ages, classes and gender of the moving and remaining mob.

Merge mobs

Mobs are able to be merged on the one condition that they are of the same breed and gender. If this condition is not satisfied, the mobs will remain separate within the paddock. There are two ways to merge mobs, (1) on entry to the paddock, (2) within the paddock.

1. Merge on entry

Move mob(s) to paddock > Select ‘Yes’ when prompted to merge mobs on entry > Review resulting mob > Merge Mobs

2. Merge within

Go into the paddock > Select View Mobs> Select the purple PLUS in the bottom right corner > Select ‘Merge Mobs’ > Review resulting mob > Merge Mobs

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