Recording rainfall in Mobble

You can record rainfall from multiple locations across your farm with Mobble's rain gauge feature - below is our explainer video with founder Jock Lawrence.

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To get to the Rain Gauge feature, go to the menu and click on Rain Gauges (note: you may need to update Mobble to the latest version for this to be available from the app stores).

In Mobble, you can have multiple rain gauges per property, which are easy to add via the blue plus button in the bottom right-hand corner.

You can dive into a gauge by clicking on it to get a full overview. We show YTD rainfall, MTD rainfall and also down the bottom, historic rainfall Totals and Charts - Making it easy to flick between the years, and compare seasons.

To add a new rainfall reading, hit the blue circle down the bottom right-hand, submit the reading and everyone on-farm will get a notification telling them the good news of the rain you've had - which is always lovely.

You can view these historic rainfall readings by swiping to the history of the gauge, and this is where you can also edit and delete any mistakes you've made. You'll also be able to see these readings in the property Activity Log - via the bell icon on the Paddock and Mob page.

So that's pretty much it, nice and simple - You can also access the rain gauges via the Mobble web-app for the computer where we plan to have a little bit more functionality down the track - such as gauge and seasonal comparisons.

And one more thing - if you're just getting started with Mobble, or if you have old rainfall records you would like uploaded into Mobble quickly - let us know, and send through a spreadsheet to and we can auto-upload those records for you. 🙂

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