February 10, 2021

Mobble News - a growing confidence in agriculture

‍With Jock Lawrence

There's a lot of positivity and confidence in agriculture right now, creating a forward momentum in farming that I have never seen before. I reckon this is why more farmers than ever started a trial with Mobble in January, looking into new ways to improve their farm output.

Mobble News

  • The Mobble web-app gets a makeover and added functionality 💻
  • We talk about how to use Mobble on a mixed farming enterprise and the best practices for compliance 🌾
  • Soon to release Feed Inventory feature to the mobile app 🎉
  • We are hiring a marketing and communications coordinator 📢

The Mobble web-app gets a makeover

For a long time, the Mobble web-app has been a place to simply export data into a spreadsheet or print off information. It’s been fantastic to give farmers the flexibility to use their data outside of Mobble, but we envision so much more. We’re working to make the web-app a powerful place to analyse data from the farm office, and this is finally starting to happen.

Mobble web app dashboard summary page
The newly renovated Mobble web-app dashboard

The first significant improvements to the Mobble web-app are:

  • Being able to add more information from the computer, such as new chemicals
  • A feed inventory, to record all stored grain and feed on the farm
  • A renovated dashboard, featuring livestock totals and a rainfall comparison graph
  • Segmented tables, making it easier to view the information you need

New help articles for compliance & mixed farming

If you’re interested to find out how Mobble can help you with compliance and prepare you for your next audit, check out this help article.

If you’re a mixed farmer and wondering what functionality Mobble, has for cropping, check out this help article.

What’s next?

February is a busy month of new releases starting with the Feed Inventory feature across the Mobble mobile app. The Feed Inventory will allow farmers to see what feed or grain they have on hand, and record that feeding information to livestock - allowing farmers to have quick access to their feeding records anywhere, anytime.

We’re also hiring a marketing & communications person to help us reach and unleash the potential of every farm - if that’s you, get in touch.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence (Chief Mobbler)

p.s. If you want to continue to follow our story, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more regular updates. 🤠

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