January 21, 2021

A young farmer's mission to simplify farm-management

Returning home to his farming roots and Avenel family property, engineer turned entrepreneur, Jock Lawrence, is on a mission to simplify the farm recording system.

Agriculture is currently undergoing a digital transformation – turning everything from paper to screen to ensure that data is kept safe and farms are running as efficiently as possible.

Jock Lawrence, co-founder of Mobble Livestock Management App
Jock Lawrence, co-founder of Mobble

A few years ago Jock and his Dad were attempting to digitize their on-farm records. The software they trialed was either too clunky, over-complicated or angled towards intensive farming.

In a bid to find the most suitable software for the family farm, Jock started Mobble, the latest farm and livestock management software intended to strip back complications and put a focus on connection and simplicity.

Mobble is a cloud-based software connecting multiple users and properties to simplify the farm management system, with the aim of replacing the notebook that often ends up in the washing machine.  

Jock, Mobble Founder, says that user feedback is at the core of Mobble’s creation.

“Farmers know what they want. It is really important to us that Mobble is built on farmers’ feedback, listening directly to what they need and applying that in an easy to use solution.”

“We understand that farmers need a practical solution that covers livestock records, stocking rates, mob and paddock treatments, historic events, sales and a way to make compliance easy.”

“Beyond farm-management software, Mobble is a way to connect the team and increase engagement levels across the entire business.”

Charlie Heal, a Merino stud farmer in North-Central Victoria, has been using Mobble for years.

“I think a lot of farmers are now recognising the real benefits that farm management software has to offer. It really streamlines the whole process. The thing about Mobble is that it’s uncomplicated and super easy to use. Simple and technology are two terms not often seen together in Ag – it’s nice to see Jock filling the gap here”.

Following its’ quite release in January 2019, Mobble now has 1000's of farmers benefiting from the product.

To find out more about Mobble visit www.mobble.io or email Jock at j@mobble.io

Written by Gill Deed

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