March 31, 2022

The ultimate livestock and crop management integration

Mobble and Agworld join forces to simplify crop and livestock insights for mixed farmers.

Agworld Mobble livestock cropping integration app
Mobble x Agworld in action

We’ve teamed up with crop management solution Agworld to help mixed farmers make better decisions with an integration between both platforms.

We know that having data siloed between different farm management tools can be a time-consuming blocker to quick decision-making. Together with the team at Agworld, we want to make it simple for mixed crop and livestock farmers to manage their operations and make the most of their data across both farm management tools. 

On top of being a pain point for farmers, jumping back and forth between farm management products can force key information to be missed in the process. With the data connected in one spot, this integration takes that pain point away and provides better visibility across both livestock and cropping operations. Making the duo the ultimate crop and livestock management system.

We’re stoked to be integrating with a company who values collaboration as much as we do. At the end of the day, Mobble is all about keeping it simple with farm and livestock record keeping at the core. Agworld have a laser focus on what they’re doing with the cropping side of things and same goes for us with livestock farm management. Bringing together the two gives the best of both worlds for farmers. We don’t want to be everything for every farmer - we value the power of partnerships and leaning on other products who are experts in their fields, just like us.

So how does it work?

The Mobble x Agworld integration links information between Mobble and Agworld - making access to Mob locations and livestock information in your Agworld app quick and easy. Once everything is connected, anyone with access to the Agworld farm map can locate a mob and select for more details. Agworld customers can also get started easily with Mobble by automatically importing Agworld paddocks into Mobble. And this is just the beginning!

To learn more about how the integration works as a user of Mobble or Agworld, check out our help doc here.

We look forward to helping farmers make better decisions and save time with improved data visibility. 

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