November 19, 2018

Big wheels keep on turning

Back in November 2018, all the little bits and pieces were starting to fall into place for Mobble's release. We had over 90 farming businesses signed up for our farm & livestock management software -14 of which were testing the product!

With every new tester, we received great feedback on the practicality and simplicity of the software, "so why not make Mobble available for everyone right now?" As we ironed out the creases, a big roll-out of Mobble was iminent. today is in full swing, find out more here about our Livestock Farm Management Software

Updates - 11/18

  • An online help-center.
  • Talks of a pre-release available soon.
  • Software usability improvements around the board.
  • 14 farming businesses testing the product.
  • Over 90 farming businesses on the wait-list, averaging two sign ups a day for November.

Mobble insight - 11/18

Recently released images of Mobble. From left to right, (1) Quick summary of mobs using smart filtering to give quick livestock totals, (2) activity log to keep everyone updated on all farming events and (3) property paddock overview.

Mobble insight of (1) smart filtering, (2) activity log and (3) paddock property view.

Quote of the week

“Agriculture is in a constant battle between tradition and innovation and the way Mobble is establishing itself is complimenting the two.”
Andrew Cameron (Mobble tester)

What now?

Mobble is in full swing today, you can sign up for a 21 day free trial here.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please get in touch at or give me a call on +61448277319.

Signing off,


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