October 21, 2021

Company Update

With Jock Lawrence

Welcome to our 3rd Mobble company update  - if you are interested in how we at Mobble are evolving as a company, these updates will summarise our current highlights, lowlights, learnings and where we need help.

Mobble grew 34% in ARR this last QTR 📈

Mobble is now helping close to 1,000 farmers around the world - making their lives easier and more successful. We’re stoked to say that we saw the company grow 34% in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in this last QTR. There are several reasons why our growth was so strong in the last QTR, but a significant factor was our recent release of Mobble Maps, which has received fantastic feedback from our Mobblers. As a result, we’re seeing a very low churn rate along with an increased average revenue per user - a trend that gives us confidence farmers see real value in Mobble and are here to stay. 

Teamwork makes the dream work 🙌

One thing I’m super proud of at Mobble is our team -  you’ll never meet a more passionate group that is committed to our vision of making farmers’ lives easier and more successful. Our small team continues to grow, with the majority having farming ties. We’re also a remote team so that people can work from regional or metro areas across Australia and New Zealand. So if you’re also passionate about making farmers’ lives easier and more successful through software, I would love to hear from you at jock@mobble.io or check out our careers page here.

Mobble now helps manage over 3.5 million stock units across Australia and New Zealand 🐑🐮🐐

Over the last year, Mobble has seen a massive uptake of trial starts over in New Zealand. We’re on a mission to nurture this growth and ensure that NZ farmers use a product that reflects their practice. To localise our approach for NZ farmers, we’re prioritising customer success, language and unique product requirements. To help us, we’ve welcomed Sarah Bird as the face of Customer Success for Mobble in NZ. Sarah is our eyes and ears over in NZ and will be instrumental in bringing that localised customer feedback into the product.

The farm management platform 🤝

Mobble is quickly becoming the go-to entry-level livestock farm management software, helping digitise one of the least digitised industries in the world. This is a huge feat, but what does it mean for our future? The way we see it, the best thing we can do is keep a laser focus on what we do best, listening and acting on farmer feedback to make their lives easier and more successful through software. But in doing so, we understand that we can’t solve every farm management problem. This is why we see collaboration and integration with the broader agtech ecosystem as a key part of Mobble's future, bringing farmers the best tailored solutions for their unique operations.

Where do we need help?

We’re currently looking to expand our development team, so any help in sharing our current jobs available would be greatly appreciated 🙏 - find them here.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence (CEO & Co-founder)

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