February 14, 2019

Farm management software needs to be comprehensive, but also simple

Two weeks ago I had the chance to visit farmers in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria in a bid to learn more on the needs of farmers using our Farm & Livestock Management Software, Mobble. On the trip I took away two main points that farmers mentioned often:

  • Farm management software must be comprehensive,
  • But also simple.

Building software to be comprehensive can often lead to complexity, while building simple software can often lead to performance loss (can't do the things you want it to do). So how did we find the middle ground, how did we build something that is comprehensive, but also simple?


When I started designing Mobble, I would always think of my old-man (an older generation farmer) and ask myself "would he find this easy-to-use?". If yes, we would pursue that path further. If no, back to the drawing board.

The beauty of concentrating on ease-of-use, meant we were always trying to simplify the product without loosing performance. For us, this formula made Mobble very comprehensive while staying simplistic. It also helped us build a cross generational product, which is super important in the Ag sector.

Richard Halliday is one of our early adopters from Bordertown SA. Richard said that with Mobble's ease-of-use, he can "finally retire the green and red notebooks", we reckon that's awesome.

Mobble adopter Richard Halliday from Callowie Poll Merinos
Mobble adopter Richard Halliday from Callowie Poll Merinos


Simplicity is in the core of Mobble, we are hell-bent on simplifying the farm management system.

The Fenton's are from Vasey Farms, a large property near Balmoral VIC. They run a fantastic sheep operation specialising in fine wool.

Late 2018 Bronnie Fenton was looking for a way to simplify her on-farm records, connect the team and track livestock movements. She also needed something to assist with the growing demand of audit requirements. So she got in contact with me, and Vasey Farms became one of the very first testers of Mobble. Since then they have helped shape what Mobble is today.

Mobble adopters Lucy & Bronnie Fenton from Vasey Farms
Mobble adopters Lucy & Bronnie Fenton from Vasey Farms

What now?

Keep supporting us, we need to keep growing our user-base so we can put those resources back into the product. With every new adopter we gain incredible feedback, enabling us to keep building the best farm & livestock management software on the market. Please keep sharing Mobble with anyone that might find it valuable, I can't thank you all enough for the support many of you have given us.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please get in touch at j@mobble.io.

Signing off,


P.S. The early adopter 35% off release is still available, get in while it's hot.

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