October 15, 2018

Farmer to developer

The fastest way to learn is to talk to customers.

From the very beginning, we received our first piece of feedback directly from future users. Which was my farming family, who run a livestock operation near Seymour VIC. Bouncing ideas between my Dad and my brother is where the concept of Mobble was born. Once we started to develop the product, future users, mainly farming friends and family, were constantly giving us feedback on our progress. It’s safe to say Mobble was built on farmer feedback.

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Where we were at in October 2018

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We had continued the idea of farmer feedback into the beta testing program by connecting farmers directly to the developer. At the date of writing (15/10/2018) we had 9 farming businesses testing the software and we are looking to add more before release. These farming businesses are from all over Australia and two weeks ago I went to visit a number of them.

Before leaving I was unsure how beneficial the trip would be. I was worried I could potentially be wasting time and resources. A few minutes into my first visit these doubts had vanished. Jandre Slabbert near Hamilton Victoria, explained his pains with the current software he was using, showed me what areas needed improving and what areas didn’t make sense at all. From then on, it was clear that this trip and others alike would shape the future of Mobble.

Mobble beta tester Jandre Slabbert from Karinga, near Hamilton VIC.
“Mobble is opening up an exciting area of on-farm tech… the upside (for farm & livestock operations) is huge once we get it right “
Jandre Slabbert.
Mobble beta testers Anna, Charles and Clive Fairbairn-Calvert from Banongill East near Skipton VIC.
“We wanted to help mold the app to best suit us and commercial operations alike… having all livestock records available at the touch of a button is proving to be invaluable”
Clive Fairbairn-Calvert

In that trip, I managed to visit five farming ops that are using Mobble throughout Victoria and New South Wales. We have since been busy sifting through the feedback to work on perfecting the product for release.

When can I get Mobble?

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Back then we were working our asses off to get Mobble ready for lift off. Where we were accepting expressions of interest on our forever growing waitlist.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to contact me at j@mobble.io or visit our website mobble.io/features for more information.

A quick shout out to developer Jack Hurley and marketing guru Gill Deed for making this stage of the business possible.

Signing off,

Jock Lawrence (Chief Mobbler)

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