January 30, 2024

From Red Books to Real-Time Efficiency: How Mobble Transformed the Koop Farm

Meet the Koop family

Nestled 30kms north of Nhill, VIC at Pine Elgin, you’ll find the Koop family - a farming team of twin brothers, Daniel and Josh and their wives Michaela and Kirsty. Gradually taking the reigns from the previous generation, beginning in 2005, the Koop siblings transformed the family farm into a thriving operation with 12-1500 ewes depending on the year. A Merino breeding operation with 50% of the ewes joining with White Suffix for fat lambs along with a Border Lester cross. - the Koop family keep pretty busy!

Koop brothers and Mobblers Danial and Josh
Koop brothers Daniel and Josh

The red book conundrum

The Koop family came face to face with the typical challenges of traditional record-keeping systems. Wrestling with the limitations of manual processes and the notorious red book in the shearing shed, they knew they needed a more efficient approach. 

Discovering Mobble

Enter Mobble! With real-time accessibility on their phones, Mobble replaced the red book, providing a streamlined and accessible platform for all their record keeping. Michaela was the one who brought Mobble to the table, ‘We’d been using the notebook and I just thought there’s got to be a better solution to this. I saw Mobble on facebook and I'm like, well what do you think boys?’ 

The trial

Deciding to give Mobble a shot, the Koops were stoked with knowing they had 21 days to trial the software before locking anything in. 

‘Having a trial that's a lot longer than a week of farming operation is quite good because in a week you mightn't do anything with your stock majorly to even write a record down. So having it over a 3 week period works really well. You have a decent chance to play with it and go through different things and scenarios and it gives you a chance to get a really good feel of how it works’, says Daniel. 

Real-time record-keeping

The Koop family highlight the impact Mobble has had on their record-keeping practices, welcoming a new era of accessibility and collaboration. Daniel says, "It's good having a record that everybody can access if they need to at any point on their phones." This easy accessibility stands out as a stark departure from the days when vital information was confined to a black and red book in the shearing shed. Michaela praises the practicality saying, "If you're driving around a mob and see something not quite right, you can just whip your phone out and have a look at the records; it works really well." The shift from clunky manual records to Mobble has streamlined record-keeping and helped the Koop family to make informed decisions on the go.

Visualizing efficiency with the Mobble Map

The Koops are big fans of the Mobble Map feature, providing them with a super valuable birds-eye view of the property.
"I quite like having the map with all the different tags and that on there; you can get a bit of an overview of where everything is”, says Daniel. This map acts as a dynamic dashboard for Mobblers, allowing them to spot inconsistencies and track the progress of various tasks easily. 

Connecting livestock and cropping with the Agworld integration

The Agworld integration has added a new level to the Koops’ farm management toolkit. Michaela highlights the convenience, stating, "we're also really happy with the link with Agworld. When we’re in the Agworld app recording a spray record, we can still see where our sheep are, so that's really handy." Daniel Koop emphasizes the value of this connectivity, noting, "You get on the map there, and it's got the Mobble symbol, just once again keeps you in the loop wherever you are." 

Remembering on the go

The Koops love how Mobble has transformed the way they remember crucial details. "You get to the end of the day, you don't sit there for an hour writing down all you did during the day," Daniel says. With Mobble, recording tasks on the go has become a game-changer, eliminating the need to recall and transcribe information at the end of a busy day - a stark contrast to the days of scribbling notes in a shearing shed.

To learn more about how Mobble can help your farming business, visit www.mobble.io.

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