September 18, 2023

Introducing Mobble Connect

We’re stoked to introduce a groundbreaking new feature - Mobble Connect! Our new third-party access structure is designed to empower Mobblers like you to collaborate with essential partners: Contractors, Farm Advisors, Livestock Agents and Accountants. Our goal? To enhance collaboration between farmers and their trusted service providers.

Mobble's data has always been a vital tool for farmers. Now, we're taking it a step further, extending its potential to benefit not just farm owners and their staff, but their entire team. In building this feature, we asked questions like: How do we make sure the contractor knows where they’re going? How can we make communication of paddock treatments and animal health records easier with a Farm Advisor? It’s our hope that Mobble Connect will make collaboration simple, paving the way for increased productivity between farmers and their service providers.

Remember, the control over your data remains firmly in your hands. Third parties can access only the necessary data and perform authorized actions, ensuring the utmost security and peace of mind.

Let's dive into key features and benefits for each service provider:


Give contractors a map only view of Mobble to allow for better communication and coordination of tasks on farm.

Contractor capabilities in Mobble's farm app

Farm Advisor

Connect your Farm Advisor with the information they need to help you make better decisions for your farm and give recommendations.

Farm Adviser capabilities in Mobble's farm app


Add your accountant directly to Mobble and save time by giving access to your livestock reconciliation report and crucial financial data.

Accountant capabilities in Mobble's farm app

Livestock Agent

Connect your Livestock Agent with the information they need to help you make better livestock sales and purchases decisions for your business.

Livestock Agent capabilities in Mobble's farm app

To get started with Mobble Connect, check out our help doc on how to use Mobble Connect here.

Thank you for being a part of the Mobble community! We look forward to hearing your feedback on Mobble Connect via our email at

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