June 25, 2021

Invest in AgTech now, for productivity in seasons to come

As the financial year begins, there’s a lot of positive sentiment amongst farmers for the future.

The value of farm production is forecast to be a record $66.3 billion in 2020-21, according to ABARES. Export prices for beef and lamb are forecast to remain historically high in 2021–22, and the global outlook for livestock exports remains positive, with wool following suit at 10% higher in 2020-21.

Grazing management

Grazing management is a high priority for farmers at this time of year, and tracking your grazing management is important to use land effectively and reduce over grazed paddocks.

Tracking your grazing management is simple in Mobble using the Days Grazed and Days Rested counters. Mobble automatically updates these counters daily based on your recorded mob movements.

“We're seeing farmers plan grazing with Mobble over winter, so their pastures are in a good way come the longer and warmer spring days.” Said Jock Lawrence, founder of Livestock farm management app, Mobble.

“This is where the resting days feature in Mobble is helping farmers plan for the winter months, when the pastures need longer rest periods due to the cold weather.” 
livestock farm management app user
Clive from Victoria was an early adopter of Mobble.

Now is the time to invest

Considering what we know about how tech will shape the agricultural industry, now is the time to invest in AgTech.

The Australian Government has extended the 100% tax write-off of some depreciable assets for businesses with an annual turnover of $5 billion or less. The extension is until 30 June 2023. More information is available from the ATO.

For farmers located in Queensland or Victoria, there are also grants available. In Queensland, small and medium businesses can apply for grants to buy specialised equipment. These grants go up to $50,000. The purpose of these grants is to grow your business, increase production and profitability and expand your workforce. Find out more here.

In Victoria, The Digital Agriculture Investment Scheme funded by the Victorian Government is currently open and accepting applications. The grants available range from $5,000 to $50,000 (ex GST) are available to improve productivity, resilience and the long-term viability of Victorian farms. View the details and apply here. This scheme opened on 23rd June, 2021. 

To find out more about Mobble or access a 21-day free trial, click here.

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