November 1, 2018

Jock from Mobble on farmer mental health

Suicide rates amongst farmers are almost double than any other industry (let that sink in)... My name is Jock Lawrence, I grew up on a family farm with my two brothers near Avenel VIC. I still work in the industry building products in farm management and I am passionate about relieving stress and anxieties for farmers.

Hence why I’ve decided to do Movember this year.

Freshly shaven and ready to win back this moustache lovers appreciation

50 per cent less money is spent on mental health services in rural and remote Australia, so access to medical help is compromised. This needs to change, we need education on how to talk about these issues, to talk about our feelings.

Hard seasons, financial stress, isolation are all factors. Let’s spread the word and talk about our mental health :)

If you have read this far, help us out and donate to the Movemeber foundation! Here’s my page.

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