August 30, 2021

Meet Jock, our Chief Mobbler and co-founder

Get to know Jock, our Chief Mobbler. He grew up on the family farm and went on to study engineering at the University of Melbourne before founding Mobble, the ultimate job that to him, “doesn’t feel like work at all”.

Jock Lawrence, co-founder of Mobble
Outside of Mobble, Jock loves anything involving the great outdoors.

Meet Jock

Chief Mobbler

Growing up on the farm dad would always align the big jobs like marking or shearing with the school holidays when my brothers and I were at home. We loved working on the farm, it was a massive part of our lives.

I truly enjoy giving back to the agricultural industry with technology, my parents are farmers and their parents were farmers. You can trace back our farming family for seven generations here in Australia, first farming in Tasmania.

Outside of work, I like spending time with family and friends and going back to the family farm. I also love true story adventure books. In terms of holidays, hiking holidays are my favorite. I find it really rewarding, and a great way to spend some time away from work to get some perspective.

Creating Mobble

The idea behind Mobble first started when I came back to the family farm, where dad and I were trying to centralize all our farm records. The software we tried was either too clunky, over-complicated or angled towards other types of farming. That’s when I first thought that maybe we could build a farm management software that's easier to use than what's already out there, built off farmer feedback.

So I contacted one of my good friends and software developer, Jack Hurley, who I proposed the idea to him about building a farm management software. He said “if you're really keen, fly over here and we'll decide if it's worth pursuing”. I ended up catching a flight to Bali where he was working at the time, and then for two weeks we nutted out a plan and decided to give it a crack!

Today we have 1000’s of farmers (who we call Mobblers) who have taken the plunge and are making their lives easier and more successful with Mobble.

What is your favourite part of working at Mobble? 

My favourite part is to see the benefits Mobble is having in making farmers' lives easier and more successful. It makes me so proud and it's really satisfying to see that. I also love the people that work at Mobble. We have created such a passionate team, and I trust the future of the company is in great hands.

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