November 12, 2021

Meet Sarah, our NZ Farmer Success Mobbler

Get to know NZ Farmer Success Mobbler, Sarah Bird.

Sarah jumped on board as part of Mobble’s mission to expand over in New Zealand and is stoked to be part of a solution that is working hard to improve the NZ farmer experience. 

Sarah and her daughter Indy in action

Meet Sarah

I grew up in the Manawatu region and now reside in the sunny Hawkes Bay. I worked on the farm growing up, in docking and crutching gangs, I milked, fenced, basically jumped on any casual work I could get my hands on. 

When I left school, I moved south to study and graduated with a BCom Ag from Lincoln University. I returned home to manage a family block with my partner James, this was sold several years later which saw the two of us make some fairly drastic career changes. I sold up/rehomed my beloved working dogs and found some short term employment to see us through the next 12 months while James studied to become a pilot. As it turns out, I ended up working with that same agricultural machinery company for the next 8 years until recently when I started with Mobble. 

I have two young children, so my life outside of work revolves around filling our bucket as a family, spending time with friends and our very extended family wherever that may take us -  and sharing a good Ruahine Port with friends over duck shooting. 

Sarah’s time with Mobble

How did you get started working for Mobble?

I saw Mobble advertised online and I was intrigued. I looked into the company and discovered they were looking to hire in NZ. The job description sounded ideal, just what I was looking for. I trialled the app and thought it was a great product, one I would be happy to personally back, so I reached out to the founder Jock and we got chatting. The rest is history.

Tell us about your farming history and relationship with Agriculture?

I was lucky enough to grow up on a sheep and beef farm. Anything animal related was always top on my priority list. I love rural people and our rural communities. Once a farmer, forever a farmer at heart. A relationship with Agriculture is undoubtedly a relationship that lasts a lifetime. 

What is your favourite part of working at Mobble? 

The Mobble team, what great people! And of course our customers, who doesn’t love a good chat with a kiwi farmer?! 

What are you most looking forward to about working with Mobble?

It excites me to be working for such a positive, transparent, proactive company. Mobble is literally built and developed based on our customers needs, and that’s how it continues to evolve. I’m looking forward to being part of that customer solution. 

Farm selfies with Sarah Bird

Got questions about Mobble in New Zealand? Get in touch with Sarah at

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