November 18, 2021

Mobble expands across the ditch!

Our mission to simplify farm management in New Zealand
Mobble providing simple farm and livestock record keeping for New Zealand farmers

Farm management software, Mobble is officially launching in New Zealand to help support local farmers. 

With three years under our belts supporting farmers closer to home, the Mobble team is looking to understand how we can help more NZ farmers digitise their farm records in a simple, intuitive way. 

Mobble Founder, Jock is dedicated to making the software work for NZ farmers with a focus on local feedback. 

“We have a number of operations in NZ already using Mobble - and those farmers have been awesome in creating a product that reflects local needs.”

“NZ farmers are facing similar challenges with record keeping and compliance on their operations and, like in Australia, there’s a need for a simple solution to farm and livestock management that suits most commercial producers.”

Mobble is on a mission to provide a more localised experience for NZ farmers through on-ground customer support with their new Customer Success Manager, Sarah Bird, based in Hawkes Bay, NZ. 

Having feet on the ground in New Zealand will provide local support and collect farmer feedback to keep building a product that makes farmers’ lives easier and more successful.

Mobble Customer Success Manager, Sarah Bird is looking forward to being part of the customer solution.

"It excites me to be working for such a positive, transparent, proactive company. Mobble is literally built and developed based on our customer needs and that’s how it continues to evolve.”

“Nationwide, people are seeking out solutions to collate all their farm and livestock information in one place - there seems to be a fine line between an app that meets a diverse range of farmers requirements without being overly complicated, I think Mobble has struck that balance.”

Mobble has almost 20 farming businesses using the software in NZ, including Glenmore Station’s (Lake Tekapo) Stock Manager, Todd Walker. Todd has been using Mobble on the operation for almost a year and says the software is helping out with farm efficiency.

Todd Walker on Glenmore Station
“The fact of everyone having Mobble at their fingertips and knowing where all the mobs are at all times is what drew us towards the software. In a few words, it’s simple to use and everything is in one spot.”

Todd says Mobble has made it easier to do jobs on the fly with data and records accessible at a moment's notice. 

“Driving around, you’ll find yourself looking back at when a mob might have been drenched right there in the paddock, which is helpful. You don’t have to think about it and drive all the way back to look for the notebook or folder.”

More and more farmers in NZ are seeking a solution to keeping all their farming data in one spot - and Todd says that having Mobble will be handy come audit time. 

““It’ll definitely help with future audits in terms of recording animal casualties and using the chemical register to record batch numbers and application dates.”

To learn more about Mobble’s expansion in New Zealand or to start a 21 day free trial head to or get in touch with NZ Farmer Success Manager, Sarah Bird at / +64 20 4120 8383.

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