November 9, 2021

Farm app keeping everyone on the same page at McCulloch Pastoral

*Credit and thanks to The Land for putting together this article.

When the McCulloch family invested in the farm management app Mobble they were looking for an easy way to keep track of operations for their McCulloch Pastoral enterprise.

It worked out even better than they expected.

While Mobble has helped them manage their sheep enterprise of 14,000 breeding Merino ewes, which they run on more than 24,000 hectares between Deniliquin and Hay, it has also helped the whole family stay part of the operation.

The McCullochs also grow cereals and legumes, predominantly for cash crops, on 1000ha near Deniliquin.

Mobble is farm management software which helps producers with seamless communication among the farming team.

Rhys McCulloch said the app has delivered this and more.

Rhys McCulloch, Will Kirby, Craig McCulloch and Tony Smith of McCulloch Pastoral
Rhys McCulloch, Will Kirby, Craig McCulloch and Tony Smith of McCulloch Pastoral

"Mobble gives us all the information for every part of our operation all in the one spot," he said.

"By giving access to real time information on who is doing what on the farm, Mobble has helped keep everyone working on the same page."

"My grandfather is now retired from the farm, but Mobble helps him see what we are doing and keeps him up to date and involved with the operation.

"We are really starting to look at our grazing management practices. Mobble helps us manage the rotational grazing, letting us know how long the mob has been in each particular paddock. We used to do that from eye and keep it in our memory.

"It also gives us an accurate record for the future which will help with planning in years to come. You have more data in your face so you can correctly make critical decisions.

"Dad, who is in his 50s, loves the map feature which shows an overview of the entire farm."

For more information on how Mobble can help with team management hit this link here, or you could give Mobble a free 21 day trial to see if it works for your operation 👍

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