February 14, 2023

Mobble: A new look for our mobile app

Mobble has undergone a re-build! But don’t worry, it’s the same app you love - just better! Think of it like your same old trusty car, with brand spankin’ new accessories and a paint job (plus a few new bells and whistles).

What did we do? We re-built the front-end of the mobile app

Why did we do it? To make Mobble long-lasting, easy to develop on and unlock the potential of future improvements. 

Heaps of new and exciting stuff to navigate your way through in the app. Read on to get an idea of new features and improvements. We hope you love it!

Open Gates:

We now have the ability to open gates in Mobble and let livestock flow between paddocks! This has been our most highly requested feature since day dot, so we’re very happy to finally be delivering on this super handy feature. Help doc here.

Map views:

We’ve introduced new ways to view your Mobble Map! You can now toggle between satellite and terrain views, with terrain view showing elevation contours. We know a lot of farmers will find this handy for planning pipelines and fences, as well as better understanding water catchments and where water flows.

3D Map:

On top of our new satellite and terrain views, we’ve launched a 3D map! Our 3D map gives you access to a whole new perspective of the farm - plus we reckon it’s pretty fun to look at! 

Area measurement tool:

We’ve now included an area measurement tool! It’s great for working out areas of scrub, bushland, dam sizes, future paddocks, pipelines and laneways!
This tool knows no limits when it comes to helping you out with spatial planning! Give it a go. 

Smarter lists:

To help reduce endless scrolling time - we’ve created ‘smarter lists’! You can now customize your list orders to suit your operation. Whether that’s ordering lists by distance to you, by number of livestock or by paddocks that have been rested longest.

You might also notice the Move Mobs list is now automatically ordered paddock proximity. How good!

Tab bar: 

Our handy new ‘tab bar’ will no doubt be the first improvement you notice about the app update. 4x buttons on your Mobble home screen to help make access to Paddocks, Mobs, Map and Tasks quick and super easy. This design change is all about improving usability for Mobblers! 

Search bars:

Search functionality has been improved across the app by introducing a ‘smart search bar’ to most pages. Here’s a few fun things you can search for:

  • Open gates events in the Event Log
  • Casualties, sales and natural increase additions
  • Livestock type within paddocks
  • Mob classes
  • Tasks assigned to a certain worker
  • Livestock treatment products in Mob Actions Summary page / Event Log

Improved filters:

Not much new stuff to report here. But we gave our filters a bit of a refresh across the board. Filters now work quicker, they’re easier to navigate and there’s more of them! 

More reliable offline functionality: 

We’ve changed the way we manage offline functionality behind the scenes to be more accurate, fast, reliable. Some farmers had had some issues with offline functionality in the past and we’re stoked to say this is a solid fix. 

Feedback so far...

We’ve had a few Mobblers trial the update and the main piece of feedback across the board was that it feels like the same app, just easier to use. And we’re stoked with that. We haven’t changed anything too drastically, but you’ll notice more than a few improvements and a heap of great new features that make using Mobble more intuitive. Let us know what you think at hello@mobble.io.

We hope you love it!

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