April 1, 2024

Mobble News - surge in mapping assets, we welcome Katie McCabe, and a new baby Lawrence arrives!

It’s been a big month at Mobble with a surge of new activity on our web-app, a new hire in NZ, a field day and…a new baby Lawrence!

Huge increase in farmers mapping their farm assets  🗺️

Last month we announced the Mobble web-app rebuild, bringing all the features of the mobile app to your computer. One of the things we were most excited about was the ability to map all infrastructure on your farm – and we weren’t the only ones.

We’ve seen such a big uptick of farmers like you mapping their property - everything from dams to underground pipes, silos, bores, troughs, sheds, roads. It gives you a (literal) whole picture of your property for you, your colleagues and any contractors that need access. 

Plus, it’s pretty fun to use. Jump in now and give it a go (don’t have an account? Trial for 21 days for free).

Map almost anything with Mobble Map Assets Feature - now on the web-app

Meet Mobble’s newest NZ recruit, Katie McCabe 👋

Katie McCabe has been working across different aspects of agribusiness for the last decade.  Based in Sheffield, in New Zealand’s South Island, Katie joins Mobble as our Business Development Officer and is most excited to work with farmers to understand and tackle compliance on farm. 

Katie will be our first point of contact for our NZ Mobblers, and we’re thrilled to have her join the Mobble team. 

Read more about Katie here.

If you’re in NZ and want to drop Katie a line, reach out to her on hello@mobble.io.

We're excited to welcome Katie McCabe to the Mobble team

Staying in NZ, we loved our time at Central Districts Field Day 🇳🇿 

Mobblers Sarah and Amie spent three beautiful days at Central Districts Field Day in mid-March.  Our newest recruit Katie McCabe flew up from the South Island to join Amie and Sarah, Highlights include:

  • Catching up with colleagues in person (Mobble is a 100% remote team!)
  • Chatting with Mobbler Simon White about how Mobble is making a difference on his farm
  • Sharing Mobble with farmers in NZ who are on the lookout for great farm management software!
Sarah, Katie and Amie L-R on the left, and Sarah with NZ Mobbler Simon White on the right

Introducing our newest future-farmhand! 👶

In late March, my wife, Gill, and I welcomed our first child. Introducing our daughter Rory Mabel Lawrence. We call her Rue for short. I'm feeling incredibly lucky and proud, soaking up every second in our little love bubble. I’m currently on parental leave, back later this month.

What's next? 🚀

Keep an eye out this month for something that’s been hugely requested from our users- multi-farm reporting. Functionality around inventory reporting within Mobble is also stepping up a notch. Follow us on socials to find out when it’s released. 

Amie will be seeing some of you at the Maranoa Ag Innovation Expo in Roma, QLD on April 17th, while we’re gearing up for Beef Week in Rockhampton May 5-11. Will we see you there??

Onwards & upwards,


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