May 1, 2024

Mobble News - multi farm reporting is here, we’re off to Beef week, and we welcome a Tasmanian recruit.

Farm life is ramping up in the Southern Hemisphere over April and we’ve been keeping pace here at Mobble. We’ve added new multi-farm reporting functions, improved mapping on the web, we’re gearing up to go to Beef week in Rockhampton, and have welcomed a new recruit from Tassie.

Introducing multi-farm reporting on the web-app! 📝

If you own multiple properties, you can now access a combined livestock reconciliation report for full visibility across your farms. Simply login to Mobble on the web-app> Select Reports from the menu > Use the property selection button in the top right to select additional properties.

The report will update to combine numbers for all the selected properties. 

Access multi farm reporting is now available on the web-app now

Improved paddock drawing functionality 🗺️

We’ve just released an easier way to map out your paddocks on the Mobble web-app. You will now be able to create more accurate paddock boundaries with less hassle - always looking to make Mobble easier to use for our farmers.

Login to the Mobble web app on your computer to see this in action. 

Live inventory is around the corner 🌾

This is a much-requested feature in Mobble, and we’re getting close to releasing it. It will benefit those that want to be able to understand inventory levels in real time. Mobble will soon keep track of products available on hand based on usage, and provide you with some handy inventory reporting. We’re also making it faster and simpler to add products to your inventories with multi-batch-ID capabilities.Watch this space!

Meet Mobble’s newest recruit, Madeleine Gasparinatos 🍎

Based in Tasmania’s Huon Valley, with a small flock of Horned Wiltshire and an even smaller mob of Belted Galloway, Madeleine brings more than a decade of experience to her role across marketing and communications at Mobble. She’s most excited about helping farmers understand how they can improve farm management and communication to build more robust operations for themselves, and a stronger agriculture industry more broadly. 

We hit the road for Roma, QLD! 🛣️

Mobble was thrilled to have been invited to speak at the inaugural Maranoa Ag Innovation Expo in mid April, and so our resident Queenslander Amie Lange took the stage to talk about how to simplify and improve your on-farm record keeping. Beyond that, we met a bunch of amazing local farmers, heard about the thriving ag tech innovation happening around us and generally love being part of this event.

Amie represented Mobble at the inaugural Maranoa Ag Innovation expo, pictured here with her husband Charlie

What's next? 🚀

Mel and Amie will be putting their Out of Office auto response on next week while they’re at one of the biggest dates in the ag calendar - Rocky’s Beef Australia 2024 event.

You can find Mobble at the Ken Coombe Tech Yards & Innovation Hub, or join us for a very special Lunch & Learn Session on Wednesday 8 May as Mel takes the stage along with Smart Paddock, Farmo, Agrimix and AgriProve to talk about the tech that’s making farm life easier. This free talk kicks off at midday for Beef week ticket holders. More info here

Will you be there?

Onwards & upwards,


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