March 9, 2021

Mobble News - Farmers vote for the future of Mobble

‍With Jock Lawrence

We try to be farmer-centric in everything we do at Mobble, especially when developing new features.

  • The Mobble farmer community votes on the future of Mobble 👨‍🌾
  • We have updated our product roadmap 🔮
  • The Mobble Feed Inventory is here! 🌾
  • Mobble now helps over 500 farms manage more than 2 million stock units across Australia and New Zealand 🎉

Farmers vote for the future of Mobble

We at Mobble listen and act on farmer feedback. We document every conversation - giving us a unique understanding of what Mobblers want!

This feedback has defined our product roadmap, which you can see here, and just recently, we organised a vote via our Facebook Mobble Farmer Community of ~200 farmers on what they would like us to focus on first. These were the results;

We used data to drive the future of our app - this is what Mobble users voted for
What Mobblers want!

The most voted for feature is a counter that measures how many days a paddock has been rested or grazed for. This counter will help farmers make effective grazing decisions out in the field. It always amazes me where something so simple can be so effective!

As you can see, the second most voted for feature is a map. Now don’t get too excited, but we are looking at ways we can incorporate this into Mobble as simply as possible.

New feature, the Mobble Feed Inventory is here!

There were several little easter eggs in the most recent Mobble app release - the most notable being the Mobble Feed Inventory. 

The Feed Inventory is where farmers can jot down what feed/grain they have on hand. These records can then be attached to mobs as feeding records or paddocks as sowing records, which will help farmers make more robust feeding decisions and access historic sowing records in a flash ⚡

the mobble farm livestock management app in use for feed inventory
The Mobble Feed Inventory has been released on web and mobile apps

If you’re a Mobbler and can't see the Feed Inventory, it means you need to update Mobble from the App Stores 👍

What’s next?

Now that the Feed Inventory is benefiting farmers everywhere, we can look to the future of Mobble development. First up is an improved offline experience, where we will be releasing new features within a week. Then we will be moving towards the most voted for feature by our Mobblers, days since last grazed counter.

Outside the development world, we are in the process of hiring a communications expert to help us produce more exciting content for our farmers.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence (Chief Mobbler)

p.s. If you’re a Mobbler and want to be more involved in the future development of Mobble, join our Mobble Farmer Community on Facebook - or send me an email at

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