April 13, 2022

Mobble News - our first ever integration

With Jock Lawrence

We have some exciting news! We’ve teamed up with the folks at Agworld to create our first ever integration. On top of that, we’ve had not one, but two podcast chats and have released a new in-app measurement tool -  it’s been a bumper start to the month! Read on to learn more.

The ultimate livestock and crop management integration

​​We’re stoked to announce that Mobble and Agworld have joined forces with an integration to simplify crop and livestock insights for mixed farmers.

This integration is all about connecting data and providing better visibility across both livestock and cropping operations. We know that farmers who use both Mobble and Agworld will find major benefit in unified data, and we couldn’t be happier about providing that value. Learn more here.

Beyond the FarmGate podcast chat

This month I was lucky enough to get behind the mic and share my farming story on Rural Bank’s Beyond the Farm Gate podcast!

In the episode, I share the story behind Mobble, how it all came to be and how we’re using farmer feedback to take it to the next level. Plug in and have a listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

Head Shepherd podcast

Lining up for my second podcast chat for the month, I jumped on to the Head Shepherd podcast with Mark Ferguson to talk all things farming and ag tech. 

The episode is a bit of a deep dive into the who, what, why of everything we do at Mobble. From being a mob-based app to farmer feedback and thoughts on the future of ag tech, this chat covers it all. Have a listen here or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Measurement tool for mobile app + more

We know there are more than a few farmers out there who would like an easy way to measure distances out in the paddock. To help make this easy, we’ve created a measurement tool within our Mobble Maps feature! This nifty new tool can be used out in the paddock offline or online. It’s great for planning and measuring things like pipelines and fences. Check it out below. 

On top of that we've released a feature that warns the farmer when they are about to move livestock into a paddock that is in a withholding period (WHP), this will hopefully prevent farmers moving livestock into recently treated pastures.

What's next?

We are currently working on bringing the web-app for the computer up to speed, so you can have the flexibility to record everything you need on your computer and mobile app. This is a really exciting step to give those who use Mobble in the office powerful insights, as well as efficient record keeping.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

p.s. If you’re already a Mobbler, I highly recommend for you to join the Mobble community on Facebook, a group of awesome farmers who want to help each other succeed! Click here to Get the most out of Mobble with the Mobble team!

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