October 13, 2022

Mobble News - hello inventory improvements!

This month we’ve released some of the most highly requested feature improvements to date: shared inventories and split inventories. On top of that, we said g’day to a few of you at Henty and held our seventh Mobble Bonanza to talk big future stuff with the Mobble team. Read on!

Shared Inventories 👍

Coming in hot as one of the most highly requested feature updates of 2022 is Shared Inventories 🎉

We know a lot of Mobblers have one chemical inventory shared between two or more properties, so we’re stoked to announce that you can now share inventories between multiple properties. This feature update will allow farmers to access products from other properties for their mob and paddock records. Say goodbye to double data entry and hello to more accurate records!

How does it work? Head to Inventories page > select inventory you’d like to share > select edit > select property. Simple!

Split Inventories 🐑🌾

Good news! There are now two inventories available for your paddock and animal chemicals. 

Formally one big jumbled inventory for all chemicals, we’ve split animal health chemicals and herbicides/pesticides and fertlizers into two separate inventories for quicker access to the chemicals you need to record.

Less confusion and scrolling. More intuitive and practical. How good!

Paddock name in Natural Increase, Sale & Purchase Tables 📈

A handy update with the inclusion of ‘paddock name’ into the NI, Sales & Purchases tables. A small but mighty feature update which will no doubt lead to a better understanding of paddock performance and which paddocks have had the best lambing/calving percentages.  

Henty Field Days 🤠

We were up at Henty Machinery Field Days in NSW a couple of weeks ago - great to see so much energy around the Ag industry - going beyond capacity on the final day! Lots of positivity in the air and lots of interest in Mobble. Thanks for coming to say g’day. 

Mobble Bonanza 7.0 💥

Every 3 months we get the team together to chat all things Mobble - from quarterly planning to feature timelines and big picture stuff. It was so great to get our Mobblers together (semi-remotely) to touch base and take stock ahead of the next quarter. Hard to believe we now have 9 awesome staff on board with Mobble! So happy to see how much our staff get behind our mission to make farmers’ lives easier and more successful. 

What’s next? Open gates! 😲

We’re finally getting around to solving some of the most requested feature improvements we’ve ever had. Last quarter it was improved inventories, this quarter it’s the ability to open gates in Mobble. If you have any ideas of how this should work, we'd love to hear them at hello@mobble.io

In other news, I’m heading to WA next week between Tuesday 18th - Thursday 20th. Let us know if you’re around and keen to catch up!

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

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