October 14, 2021

Mobble News - An improved farmer experience

With Jock Lawrence

From farmer surveys and story-telling to exciting app updates and improved user experience, it’s been a big month at Mobble. 

  • The Mobbler Survey 2021 results are in ✅
  • Customised paddock colours in Mobble 🎉
  • Optimised notification delivery 🔔
  • QLD cattle farmer John Baker shares how Mobble is becoming a game-changer for Boroondarah 🐮

The Mobbler Survey 2021 results are in

The farming community is at the heart of what we do at Mobble - and we’re all about building community and a network of ‘Mobblers’ who can help shape the future of our farm management software through feedback and story-telling. 

To gather info and feedback from our users, we conducted our first-ever Mobbler Survey in Aug-Sep 2021. The survey was sent out to our Mobble farmers to help us learn more about their farm story and ideas for how to make their lives easier and more successful with Mobble.

We discovered some great insights off the back of the survey - including how 84% of Mobblers surveyed citing family as their biggest support, and 16.3% of Mobblers would make office-related farm tasks disappear if they had a magic wand. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll release more survey results. Keep your eyes peeled in our Mobble news blog! More to come.

Optimised notifications and customised paddock colours

You asked. We listened. You can now customise the paddock colours in your Mobble Map. Mobble’s paddock colours are defined by the paddock ‘type’ - this could be the type of crop, pasture or any other paddock class you want to use to visually and statistically differentiate your paddocks.

Customised paddock colour types in Mobble

We’ve done a huge amount of work around timezones and notifications to improve the farmers user experience. We now identify our Mobblers’ time zones which optimizes a number of things around the app, such as notification delivery and daily reports. For example, we no longer send Mobblers in WA a task due notifications at 4.30am. Task due notifications will now be sent at 6.30am in your own timezone.

In terms of notification updates, previously notifications were only sent to the last device you were using Mobble on. We’ve done some work to improve this and ensure you don’t miss a beat with notifications now sent across all of your devices.

AgForce QLD’s Regional Director John Baker on Mobble

We had a chat with AgForce Queensland's Regional Director John Baker about how Mobble is adding value to his operation. John recently kick-started his subscription with Mobble, and is stoked with Mobble’s growth and impact on his property so far. 

One of the biggest advantages for John was how simple, practical and intuitive Mobble is:

“Ease of use was a big thing for me. There’s no complicated steps to get to where you want to go in the app. It’s a logical format - and just makes things easier.”

Real-time data entry and the increased visibility with workers have been game-changes for John, and he’s loving the chemical inventory, task list and Mobble maps. 

Read John’s full story here.

What’s next?

We're currently working on better Purchase Summaries for traders, and better Natural Increase summaries for livestock breeders - work on this should be released in the next couple of weeks. Along with that, we are looking into ways to make the app faster, especially for the maps feature on iOS.

New Zealand, you can expect a more localised experience coming soon. Starting with localised customer support with our new Farmer Success Mobbler, Sarah, hailing from Hawkes Bay NZ - get in touch with Sarah at sarah@mobble.io for any questions.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence (Chief Mobbler)

p.s. We're also hiring, if you know anyone in software development, please share these two great opportunities to make a difference in agriculture 🤠

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