January 24, 2023

Mobble News - starting the year with a bang!

We’re starting 2023 with a bang at Mobble! New staff! New case studies! New integrations! Mobble news is jam-packed with good stuff this month. Have a read!

Jack Cresswell, making more informed decisions with Mobble 🐑

The interviewer becomes the interviewee! We turned the tables on Farms Advise podcast host and full-time legend, Jack Cresswell to find out more about his Dubbo-based property, learnings from the podcast and how he uses Mobble to make day-to-day life easier.

Read on to learn more about Jack’s story here

Getting started with individual livestock (EID) record keeping & management 🐮

We leaned on expert in the field and nextgen Agri International’s founder, Mark Ferguson to get his advice for farmers getting started with EID record keeping and management. Every now and then we speak to Mobblers who are thinking about weaving individual livestock record-keeping into their business, and we wanted to pull together a bit of an information launch-pad for farmers to sink their teeth into. Keen to learn more or wondering how to get started? Have a read here.

DelayPay and Mobble integration 💰

Buy livestock, stockfeed & machinery now and pay later. We’ve teamed up with DelayPay to give farmers a discounted rate by using your Mobble livestock data as security to access funding. When using Mobble, DelayPay can approve funding up to $250,000 within 24 hours - so it’s all about helping farmers purchase the goods they need, when they need them. 

Learn more about our DelayPay integration here

Introducing Amie to the Mobble team! 🤠

Meet Amie Lange, our newest Farmer Success Manager here at Mobble. Amie joins the team from Thallon in South West QLD, and has taken like a duck to water supporting our Mobblers in customer success. Amie is looking forward to connecting with farmers and being a voice for them with Mobble. We couldn’t be happier welcoming Amie to our growing customer team! Read more about Amie here

What’s next?

It’s a very exciting time at Mobble as we set ourselves up for one of our biggest years yet. The development team has been working on some massive improvements, including Open Gates, backdating mob moves, terrain maps, area measurement tools, smart lists that ordered by location distance, a cleaner design, quick search functionality, better filters, more reliable offline access, date range selectors in summaries, and much more.

This will all be released soon, we can’t wait to share it with you!

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

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