July 1, 2024

Mobble News - Join us for our first monthly webinar, reducing the audit burden, and records for feed and sprays just got easier!

If you’re in the southern hemisphere like us, we’ve just marked the shortest day of the year, and lots of us have been shivering through some unseasonably cold mornings.How is it where you are right now?  We can’t get enough of all the new baby lamb and calf photos, and Mobblers are flat out adding natural increases to their records.There’s heaps going on at Mobble … starting with our NEW Mobble Webinars which are free to join - more info below. We’ve also added a Farm Auditor role to Mobble Connect, which will make future audits much faster for Mobblers, and we’ve kicked off a Pilot Program in New Zealand.

Announcing: Monthly demo webinars, and you’re invited! 💻

We’re excited to be starting up monthly Mobble Webinars, kicking off in August, with the aim to upskill Mobblers to do their best work and help those who are curious or just starting out with the software. These demos are a chance to ask questions and see what’s new in Mobble. Informative & practical, these sessions will improve the way you and your team use Mobble to make better decisions around the farm.Mark 7pm (AEST)/9pm (NZST) Tuesday 6th August in your diaries and join us for a chat. Get your questions ready as we’ll aim to get to them in our Q&A. Pre-register here so we can tailor the webinar to your farming requirements.

Will we see you there?

NEW >> Reduce audit burden with this new feature 📝

Our newest feature is geared towards shortening your audit time, and making the process more efficient for everyone. Within Mobble Connect you can now securely add your auditor to your account (for free), allowing them to access the data they need to do their job.By adding your auditor, you’ll grant them access to:
• View mobs, paddocks, tasks and maps
• View inventory records
• Access summaries and reports

You will be able to grant your auditor access for up to 30 days.

Simply add your auditor by going to Settings > Mobble Connect > Farm Auditor.

Mobble feed and spray records have improved 🌾

We’ve added an option to record total product quantities for mob and paddock actions. You can use this option when the total amount is more relevant than a per hectare or per head rate, like spot-spraying paddocks or feeding out hay to mobs. It’s a small improvement based on farmer feedback to create more accurate records.

2025 ages now available in Mobble 🐑

Given today is the start of the new financial year in Australia, you’ll notice that 2025 is now an available birth year for new natural increase records.

NZ Pilot Farm Network program has just kicked off! 🗾

Mobble is working with Agnition, a company built around facilitating innovation for Kiwi farmers, to help the way they farm. Mobble is part of Agnition’s Pilot Farm Network program to not only introduce the app to New Zealand farmers, but also invite specific feedback that will help improve the app for their specific needs.

We welcome all new Mobblers who have joined this pilot program.

¿Hablas Espanol? 🇪🇸

Ok, so we might not speak Spanish, but some of our Mobblers do. We’ve just added Spanish as a language option in Mobble, allowing farmers in South America to do their best work, in their first language.

What's next? 🚀

As a remote team, it’s important we find time to meet up when we can. Every 6 months we enjoy an in-person Bonanza where we get together, meet new team members in real life, and work on improving Mobble for farmers globally. Our next Mobble bonanza is later this month, and we look forward to descending upon Melbourne for it. Stay tuned for pictures!

Onwards & upwards,

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