October 4, 2023

Mobble News - making headway on map feedback

September at Mobble was all about improving processes around the Mobble Map. In short, you can now do more directly via the mobile map page, including set-up improvements, performing all major livestock records and exporting the map as a KML file. Read on to learn more about Map developments, as well as our 2023 field day wrap and a Mobble Connect how-to. 

Do more from the Mobble Map page 🗺️

Setting up Mobble for the first time just got even easier! More and more Mobblers are using the map page as their go-to place to get jobs done - knowing this, we’ve made it more user friendly. You can now set up Mobble from the mobile app, and map paddocks via the maps page. You can also do every major livestock record without leaving the maps page on the mobile app - such as merging mobs, bulk treatments, sale records etc.

Export maps in KML format 🔽

Increasingly we’ve been getting a lot of requests from Mobblers to be able to export their maps from Mobble into KML format - so we made it happen! You can now easily download a KML file from the web-app map page here: app.mobble.io/map. This is a great way to export the map into things like Google Earth and gives Mobblers ownership and flexibility to use their Mobble map data outside of Mobble as they see fit. Here’s a how-to guide to step you through it: www.mobble.io/help/export-kml-file

KML export for Mobble
KML export for Mobble

Field Day 2023 wrap 🤠

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - we love field days. Any opportunity to get out of the office, get the Blundtones dirty and chat face-to-face with farmers is always a great time. We wrapped up our 2023 field days with Henty Machinery Field Days NSW and Westech Field Days in Barcaldine QLD last month. Looking forward to filling the calendar with more field days in 2024!

Mobble at Westech QLD
Westech Field Day set-up

Mobble Connect - how to add a Contractor to Mobble 🚜

Lots of interest in Mobble Connect since its’ release last month! A few Mobblers particularly interested in adding Contractors to the farm map - here’s a bit of a step-by-step to get you started:

  • Head to the Mobble Connect page on the web-app
  • Select Invite Contractor
  • Enter their email address
  • Select additional properties to invite the Contractor to if required
  • Select Submit

Your contractor will receive an email invitation with a link to set up a Mobble username and password. Once they log in they will have view only access to your farms map and any tasks assigned to them.

What's Next?

Mobble’s web-app on the computer is currently undergoing a revamp. I’m personally very excited about this, it will bring the web-app to be the same (or better) usability as the mobile app - along with all the extra reporting the web-app is known for. In this development we will also be looking into ways to show multi-farm livestock reports. If you have any feedback for us on what we can improve on the Mobble web-app on the computer let us know via the facebook group here or via hello@mobble.io.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

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