April 10, 2020

Mobble News - March

With Jock Lawrence

  • COVID-19's effect on Mobble and our farmers
  • Woolorama and the WA producer tour
  • More farmers than ever benefiting from Mobble
  • Helping farmers stay informed of best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic

The effect of COVID-19

It’s crazy to think that in early March COVID-19 was nothing more than a blip on the radar - how quickly times have changed. We now find ourselves in a world of isolation and uncertainty, and it's times like these where we focus on the things that are the most essential.

One of those things is food, and we can take pride in the fact that our farmers (NZ and Aus) are continually providing the essential service of putting food on our tables, here at home and around the world.

Although the risk is real, for many farmers we’ve talked to it’s business as usual (with a few tweaks). As for Mobble, we will be focussing on supporting our staff and our farming community, so we can collectively come out of this stronger together. Nobody knows what’s ahead, so we'll do our best to look after our farmers and each other.

Woolorama and the WA producer tour

In early March, when COVID-19 was a blip on the radar, we were touring around Western Australia showcasing Mobble. We started the tour with Woolorama, a sheep orientated field day in Wagin. It was great to learn and hear about the specific challenges to the region and how we could help.

Jim Johnston, Mobbler from Boyup Brook WA

We also had the opportunity to visit some of our amazing clients. The feedback was fantastic, we found that the simplicity and usability of our farm management software is why farmers keep coming back to Mobble. We also found that there was a need for mixed farming software, with many farmers around Wagin having an even split of sheep and cropping, just like Jim Johnston above.

"Couldn't recommend Mobble more highly to other farmers... it's so simple and easy to use, made by farmers for farmers" - Jim Johnston

We look forward to growing those relationships over West - we'll be back as soon as we can!

More farmers than ever using Mobble

In the last 28-days we’ve had the highest number of active farmers using Mobble ever. In part, we believe this is in response to COVID-19 and farmers seeing the need to digitise their farm records.

We get such a thrill from seeing so many farmers getting benefit out of Mobble -these are the people that drive the direction of the company with their amazing feedback, and we can only hope to give back to that community by continually improving the Mobble experience.

Farming best practices during COVID-19

Mobble's own Jamima Jamieson is currently writing a mini-series on farming best practices during COVID-19. Wool producers, you're in luck, read her first blog here on COVID-19 and shearing. More on this to come!

What's Next?

On behalf of the Mobble team, I would like to wish you, your families, and your teams good health and a happy Easter.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence (Chief Mobbler)

p.s. If you would like to support us, give us a follow or a shout out on social media (twitter, Facebook, Instagram) - thanks for your support :)

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