June 1, 2024

Mobble News - Tips for EOFY, we’re still buzzing from BEEF week, live inventory is around the corner, and we’ll be on the ground in Hamilton, NZ

We hit the road last month with Mobblers Amie and Mel making the trip to BEEF week in Rockhampton. In short, it was massive!

Carly, one of our amazing customer success team members, held a round table chat in the kitchen of one of our Mobblers. Their farming team has recently grown, and this was a great opportunity to help the whole team understand how to use Mobble to maximise efficiency. If you’re interested in a round-table (or an online version of this), hit reply and we’ll try and work something out with you.

We’re approaching EOFY - here’s one thing you need to do 🧾

Did you know that you can grant your accountant direct access to your Livestock Reconciliation Report from your Mobble account, helping to simplify tax time? Simply add your accountant by going to Settings > Mobble Connect > Accountant

The BEEF week that was! 🐄

For one glorious week in May, more than 100,000 people descended upon Rockhampton to celebrate all things beef, and Mobble was proud to be part of it. We reconnected with familiar faces, met new ones, and presented a session about the future of farming on the tech stage. These are the biggest takeaways from our time at BEEF:

  1. Beef farmers are so committed to doing the best job they can in taking care of their land and animals. They jump at the opportunity to find new ideas, tools and information to do that.
  2. BEEF week is a huge undertaking, and the perfect place to catch up on everything that's changing in the fast-paced ag landscape. It’s also a rare opportunity for farmers to socialise which is so important.
  3. It’s encouraging that beef farmers really are on the front foot in regard to carbon sequestration and better grazing management. They're all over it, and the tech is just catching up.

Big inventory improvements soon to be released 🚜

We’ve been talking about this for a little while, and it’s been something that our community are excited about. When Live Inventory is released in Mobble you’ll be able to understand your inventory levels in real time. Keep track of products and receive inventory reporting to help your day to day farming. All while making inventory management easier and simpler to manage. Keep your eyes peeled.

Add location-based-tasks with your exact GPS position 📍

We’ve released an update allowing you to see your location when adding geolocated tasks or map assets. This is so handy when you’re out in the paddock, and need to action a location-specific task or asset with accuracy. 

Mobble on the move 💼

We’ve made some design improvements so that Mobble looks and works even better on iPads and tablets. 

Exported CSVs now include your notes ⌨️

Need to export summaries a CSV from Mobble? We want to ensure everything is in there which is why these summaries will also include any personal notes you’ve included. This tiny but important feature was requested by a Mobbler and we’re excited to have been able to deliver the update.

What's next? 🚀

Our NZ Mobbler Katie McCabe is heading to Hamilton NZ for the Mystery Creek Fieldday on June 12. Katie is excited to meet local Mobblers, and those interested in chatting about how we can help your farming efforts. We don’t have a site, so if you want to catch up with Katie, drop her a note and arrange a time. Email Katie on katie@mobble.io or call +64 20 4120 8383

We hear great feedback from Mobblers using our Live Chat function in the mobile app, and we’re excited to announce it’s coming to our web-app soon. Have real-time conversations with your farming team - no matter what device you’re using.

Onwards & upwards,


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