August 24, 2022

Mobble News - spotlight on Paddock & Property Performance

It’s always a good month when we get to announce new major features! Read on to learn more about our game-changing Paddock and Property Performance features and how they can benefit your farm, as well as our field day success and award win!

Historic livestock graphs in Mobble
Historic Livestock Graph including Av. DSE/Ha (last 12 months)

Paddock & Property Performance

We have just released some really exciting features around paddock and property performance, so Mobblers can better understand which paddocks are making the most bang for buck! Highly requested by our Mobblers, we’re so happy to bring these feature to the table.

New Feature #1: Historic Livestock Graphs

Introducing our Historic Livestock Graphs feature - these graphs make it easy to visualise historic livestock totals, paddock and property stocking rates, and performance.

It’s simple. 3 graphs + 3 very important bits of info:

  • Historic livestock totals
  • Stocking unit totals with a 12 month rolling average
  • Stocking units per hectare with a 12 month rolling average

You can find these graphs in the Dashboard, Individual Paddocks and the Reports page in the web-app. 

New Feature #2: Paddock Performance Measurement

To measure paddock performance, we need to know how heavily stocked that land has been over a set period of time. Our new Paddock Performance Measurement calculates the average stocking rate over a rolling 12 month period (av. DSE/Ha).

These values can now be seen in the Mobble mobile and web-app and will help Mobblers visualise over and underperforming paddocks so they can better plan for the future.

Australian Lambition Industry Innovator Award 

At the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo last month, we were stoked to win the Australian Lambition Industry Innovator award. With half a lamb pie stuffed into my mouth when the award was announced, I definitely wasn’t expecting this one!

We are so happy and proud to be recognised - even more so knowing that it's the sheep industry getting behind us!

Mobble winning lambition innovation award
Jock accepting the Lambition Award at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show

Field Day wrap up

We had an absolute ball attending field days in Bendigo and Hamilton over the last little while (even those cold rainy mornings and 40k winds)! Wouldn’t be a proper field day without some wild weather. Always great to chat to Mobblers and hear how much you guys are loving Mobble - and all the great feedback! If you didn't catch us out and about, but are keen for a chat, feel free to get in touch at

Mobble farm app Jock and Mel at Sheep Show
Jock and Mel at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show

What's next?

We also have some Chemical Inventory improvements on the cards - adding the ability to share inventories across properties. Along with this work we’ll be looking to improve the ease-of-use of these features, and make applying treatments quicker and easier than ever before.

Onwards & upwards,

Jock Lawrence

p.s. If you want to continue to follow our story, feel free to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more regular updates. 🤠

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