November 7, 2019

Mobble to Raise $300k to Surpass Sustainable Growth

Our vision for Mobble is to service the livestock industry in the most farmer-centric way possible
Me (Jock Lawrence) pitching Mobble at the SproutX demo days.

We are farmers and we build products for farmers - making it extremely important to us that our farming community has the chance to voice their say in the direction we take. Not only at a product level - but at a business level as well.

>>> What is Mobble?

Where we are, and where to next?

So let’s start with company ownership. In early 2019, Mobble was accepted as part of SproutX, an accelerator program that has given us the opportunity to grow to where we are today. This has helped build on the foundation of the company that was founded by me, Jock Lawrence, and Jack Hurley, one of my best mates and technical co-founder.

In addition to my stake (77.40%), Mobble is also part-owned by my Mum, Deb Lawrence (4.8%). Mum and I are both farmers from North Central Victoria, and it was here on the family farm where the idea behind Mobble was born.

Farmers are the key ingredient that makes Mobble work - and as we grow it is imperative that we keep farmers the leading driver to our success. To do that, we need to reach self propelling growth as soon as possible, which implies making enough money to support the company to grow by its own means. This is to make sure that farmers’ interests come first at all times, and the company is not swayed by external stakeholders.

As we grow it is imperative that we keep farmers the leading driver to our success

So how do we surpass self propelling growth? A recent business analysis showed that in order for us to fund further development, marketing and business upkeep, we need to hit revenue of $45,000 per month (which is the equivalent of ~675 businesses using our platform).

We currently have over 110 farming businesses using Mobble. And our goal, within a year from investment, is to have 1,000 farming businesses benefiting from our platform. This ensures we will pass the inflexion point to where Mobble will be able to grow on its own. We will be able to employ a high-quality team that can keep moving Mobble forward in development, relationships and awareness.

And that’s the situation we are in - which has opened up a unique opportunity.

How do we get there?

To get to our goal of 1,000 businesses on the Mobble platform within a year, we need to raise funds. 

As a company, raising investment has always been a controversial topic - Jack and I (co-founders) have always believed in building a company from the ground up with nothing but personal savings and the cash coming in from the first sales of a growing company. And that’s what we did, which is something we are proud of!

Mobble grew 15% month on month for 2019, solely through organic growth, fuelled by farmer referrals. Once we start raising awareness through marketing we will see this increase even further. 

Forecasts show that with the right investment in marketing and development at our current growth rate, we can reach the inflexion point of sustainable growth within a year from investment. Less conservatively, we are aiming to surpass it within the next 11 months. We just need the funds to get us there.

So, we are seeking investment of $300,000 to reach this goal. We have built a product that farmers love and we are opening up a once-in-the-company’s-lifetime opportunity to invest in Mobble. 

What makes this opportunity unique is that we’re opening investment up first and foremost to the farming community. Servicing the needs of farmers has always been our driving force, so it’s integral that our goals always align with those needs.

If you would like more information on the investment opportunity, please contact me via email here :)

There has never been a more exhilarating time in our company, transitioning from market validation to a growth product that has the potential to service farmers around Australia, and one day, the world.

Thanks for reading.

Signing off,

Jock Lawrence (Co-Founder & CEO)

*All data and business information was correct at the time of publishing.

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