April 11, 2019

Mobble update release notes

We have a whole list of new updates for the Mobble app.

What's new in the Mobble app?

  1. App navigation re-design (left image)
  2. Livestock totals improved and DSE totals added in summaries (right image)
  3. The sales summary now has average price per head (center image)
  4. Moving mobs between properties
  5. Larger notes section for paddock and mob treatments
  6. Performance improvements for activity log and history
  7. Only a property/subscription owner can add users OR create new properties
  8. Smarter list ordering for sales and chemicals
  9. Product quantities can now have decimals
  10. You can now add custom classes through splitting a mob
  11. Big user experience improvements
  12. Bug fixes
From left to right, new app navigation, av. price per head, livestock and DSE totals

How to update!

IF you're a Mobble user, you would have received an email with instructions on how to update. If you're not a Mobble user sign up.

We also have some big news for the business, Mobble has been accepted into the SproutX accelerator program. More news on that to come!

Signing off,


p.s. If you have any questions, feedback or recommendations please get in touch.

P: +61 448 277 319

E: j@mobble.io

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