November 2, 2018

Mobble update, the home stretch

The finish line is in sight (or at least that’s how it feels); our farm & livestock management software is finally coming together.

It was almost 5 months ago when Jack Hurley and I were toying with the idea of creating simplistic farm management software, all in a sweaty share office space in Indonesia. We now have a product on the brink of completion. Currently I’m home on the family farm, looking at the home stretch to releasing my first software product - Mobble.

Recent updates

  • Over 10 farming businesses testing the product. (thanks testers, you have been a huge help).
  • Numerous new features such as the Chemical Shed, Virtual Yard and Activity Log.
  • Continuously improved flexible mob tracking capabilities.
  • New website content about how Mobble works.
  • Really positive feedback from our testers.
  • New sign-ups (almost 70 now) from all over Australia and the world. Sign up here for 2 months free.

Quote of the week

“Simple and technology are two terms not often seen together, however Mobble integrates the two perfectly. Digitalising and streamlining management and record keeping is a perfect tool for any business and a necessity in this day and age.”
Charlie Heal (Mobble tester)

What now?

We are currently setting up the desktop, tablet and iPad versions of Mobble, along with tidying up the loose ends to make a polished product ready for purchase in the near future.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions please get in touch at or give me a call on +61448277319.

signing off,


P.S. don’t forget to join the waitlist for 2 months free!

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