November 26, 2019

Mobble's Favourite Brothers Raising Awareness for Mental Health in Ag

In a bid to bring my younger brothers together to help spread the word about mental health in the farming community, we’ve started the team ‘Mittagong Mo Bros’.
Jock Lawrence (Co-Founder & CEO)
Brothers Todd, Jock and Max Lawrence are growing awareness for mental health in agriculture

In Australia, the statistics are shocking. On average, six men in Australia take their own lives every day and three out of four suicides are by men, making it the biggest killer of males under 45.

So we’ve decided to put the call out (with our tasteful moustaches) for fellow farmers and people that work in agriculture to have open and honest conversations with their mates and families, and to understand that there is no shame in talking about mental health.

We Lawrence brothers are three of almost 90,000 Mo Bros growing moustaches raising funds and awareness for Movember this year. We are hoping to raise $2000 for Movember and men’s health. Donate to our moustaches at

Thanks for your support,

Jock Lawrence (Co-Founder & CEO)

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