March 1, 2024

Mobble’s new web app has more features to help make farm management easier

We’re excited to have just launched a new-look Mobble web-app, packed with features that will help you do your job easier, and with more data and insights at your fingertips.

What we did: Rebuilt the way Mobble performs on the browser. If you’re using Mobble on a laptop or desktop computer, it now has increased functionality, a more intuitive user-experience, and better outcomes for the way you manage your farm.

Why we did it: To elevate the Mobble browser experience in-line with everything our users love about the Mobble app.

We’re really excited about the improvements we’ve made. Here are some of the ones we can’t wait for you to explore.

Example of the drag and drop functionality to easily move mobs within the Mobble web-app

🐑 Drag and drop mob moves

We’ve received so much great feedback about the ability to simply drag and drop a mob from one paddock to the next in the mobile app, and now it can be done on the browser. If only actual farming was that easy!

🚧 Map nearly anything on your farm to provide a full infrastructure view of your property

Farms aren’t just rolling green hills and boundary fences, and Mobble’s web-app now reflects this. Our Map Assets feature allows you to easily map nearly everything on your farm. From water tanks and troughs, to underground pipelines, sheds, dams, roads, hazards and more. Explore how to do this here

🗺️ Map filters 

Easily turn on contour maps for elevation and view geolocated tasks direct from the web-app.

📈 Improved data filters - get the info you need, faster

We’ve refreshed the available filters across all data tables to give you what you need in a matter of seconds. For example, if you need to view the sheep born in 2021 across your property, you can find this within a few clicks. Our filter options now work quicker, and are easier to navigate.

🌧️ Multi-year rain gauge comparison 

You can now view previous years’ rainfall data alongside the current year. Track monthly data and compare to historic records quicker and easier. 

⚖️ Work in units you’re familiar with 

Mobble’s new web app allows you to customise the units you wish to work in. Whether its Acres or Hectares, Inches or Centimetres, Miles or Kilometres, Dollars or Pounds - manage your preferences from your settings tab.

🐄 Move mobs across properties 

Moving your mobs between properties? Simply bulk-select mobs and record this action in the web-app at the click of a button. 

🚜 Bulk Mob Actions

Need to record multiple mob treatments and feeding records? Save time with the bulk mob action in Mobble. Simply bulk-select Mobs and record an action to all selected livestock at once. 

🌾 Move Mobs in bulk from multiple paddocks to a location

We love this time saving feature in Mobble’s new web-app. You can now bulk-select mobs to move between paddocks. Perfect for when you need to move the rams out, or move all the cows in for pregnancy testing. 

So that’s it! Whether you prefer to use the web or our mobile app, Mobble continues to help make farm and livestock management simple. We always love to hear your feedback and thoughts on what we do, so feel free to drop us a line at

Otherwise, log into to see the updates for yourself. 

Happy farming!

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