January 21, 2019

Mobble update, moving fast

We quietly released Mobble 1-month ago and we are riding a wave of support.

In that short time, farmers from (almost) every state and territory in AUS have subscribed. To our early adopters, we are so grateful, we can't thank you enough for the fantastic feedback and guidance you have already given.

Recent news

  • 1 month since release
  • Over 45 farming businesses using Mobble
  • Amazing feedback and support from our early adopters
  • Big software update, with new features and an even better user experience
  • Mobble is sponsoring the agricultural ball 'HarvFest', with all proceeds going to the local community

Mobble insight

Three highlights from our most recent update. From left to right, (1) new 'drop-down options' designed for even quicker livestock reporting, (2) sales summary with smart filtering for quick income totals and (3) our chemical shed inventory making compliance easy.

Mobble insight of (1) livestock options, (2) sales filter and (3) chemical inventory.

What now?

  • A web-app for desktop is in development,
  • I will be visiting early adopters next week,
  • And we will continue acting on user feedback.

For non-users, if you want better mob trace-ability, compliance and increased productivity do yourself a favor and get a (no obligation) free trial of Mobble. This way you can see if Mobble works for you and help shape the future of farm management software.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions please get in touch at j@mobble.io or give me a call on +61448277319.

Signing off,


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