July 4, 2019

The KISS principle for farmers

Albert Einstein said; “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” To me this translates directly to the KISS principle.

Agriculture has been progressing ever since humans planted their first crop 12'000 years ago. This has not been a linear affair, with significant 'jumps' in progress over time. With the most recent 'jump' being the Green Revolution, which started in the 1950s welcoming the likes of fertiliser and pesticides - credited with saving over a billion people from starvation.

Right now, agriculture is undergoing a digital transformation. The last digital frontier. Like the start of anything new there's a race to develop the best products. This means that there is a lot of new (and old) AgTech companies telling you that they have the silver bullet, that their product is the one-stop-shop to making you more money hallelujah.

As we all know, this is mostly a load of sh*t.


Navigating the noise

The digital transformation is all about collecting data and using that data to make better decisions. No matter what you farm or what your business is, everyone wants to make better decisions.

From A.I. and remote sensing to machine learning and big data - there’s a lot going on and not a whole lot of understanding about it. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) offers us an easy way to navigate the noise.

So let's keep it simple:

In what areas of your business would you like to make better decisions?

fertiliser application, livestock rotations, compliance, task management, stocking rates, safety, harvest time, finances, feed on offer...

Now, what digital product will help you make those better decisions?

Thinking problem first and solution second transforms noise into a search, and puts you in the drivers seat.


Why go digital at all?

As I said before, the digital transformation is all about collecting data and using that data to make better decisions. This isn't a new concept. For example, you make notes in a notebook to remember what you did today (/data), and to plan what you'll do tomorrow (/a decision), this can now be done digitally.

So why give up the notebook for a digital look-a-like? This is a great question and the answer is all about:

  • Making better decisions faster,
  • And connecting the team in ways that weren't possible before

Just like how digital banking became the new norm, some day, the future will demand your farm records to go digital too. Don't get left behind and KISS.

Signing off,

Jock Lawrence (Co-Founder & CEO)

p.s. We at Mobble believe in the KISS principle. So we built a farming app that makes record keeping simple.

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