October 14, 2019

The Mobble Product Tree

We’re excited to introduce a new type of product roadmap for Mobble. A tree-like view that highlights our development plan for the coming summer (19/20).

Developing a close relationship with our farmers has been a core aim of Mobble since the very beginning. We pride ourselves on acting on farmer feedback, and it’s safe to say that Mobble was built on this idea.

Since January 2019 Mobble (beta) has been live, and these conversations have turned into something of a whole. We now have a solid understanding of the features farmers feel are essential for Livestock Farm Management Software and the direction they would like to see Mobble go.

Our Chief Mobbler, Jock, has put a lot of consideration into the best way to share this information. He wanted to reassure farmers that we are acting on their feedback and show how that feedback is directly shaping the future of Mobble.

He looked around at what others had done in this space and found a company called Up with a fantastic idea of representing a product road map as a tree. The tree consists of finished and unfinished features - just add water (or in our case farmer feedback) and watch it grow.

We called it the Mobble Product Tree.

The tree grows from the core “table stake” features. The core features stick to our vision of simplifying and connecting farm management for livestock producers - and as the tree grows we will develop more enticing, farm benefiting features for the future.

No doubt there will be more features added, and maybe some that don’t make the cut. We will try our very best and will be learning and sharing our progress with you.


Please note that the tree is always changing - and ongoing feedback will determine what direction we take next. If you have any questions with our product roadmap or you would like to add feedback to the tree - get in contact with Jock right here.

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