January 14, 2020

Women Calling the Shots on Farm Tech

Technology adoption by rural women of farm tech is advancing the agricultural industry. According to Dr. Rachel Hay “rural women use most components of technology three times more often than men.” and they are "driving technology from the homestead for the paddock".

“Rural women use most components of technology three times more often than men.” 
farm tech is driven by women, with rural women using tech three times more than men
Bronnie and Lucy Fenton, early adopters of AgTech and Mobble's Livestock Farm Management Software

We at Mobble see first-hand that women are driving AgTech adoption - just in the last week women have outnumbered male sign ups by 20%.

Don’t just take our word for it - here are some quotes from blokes on the key roles women in their lives perform for their business, using farm tech.

“Because we rely on Facebook to market our cattle, it's invaluable that Kate knows how to use it... using Facebook to sell our cattle means less travel time and more time on the farm” (Kate's husband)
“She is very valuable to the business, if it wasn't for her we would not be able to take on technology, I wouldn't be able to learn it” (Rebecca's husband)

To the women in Ag, thanks for driving AgTech!

This article was inspired by an Agtech So What podcast, featuring Rachel Hay on the role of women in AgTech adoption, hosted by Sarah Nolet from AgThentic.

Jamima Jamieson

Communications Mobbler

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