Bulk processing of livestock

Classing, scanning, weaning, weighing, merging, reshuffling and more. These are all processes that require bulk movements of livestock. This is why we created the Yard.

The Yard is a default paddock that can be used for the bulk processing of livestock such as, scanning, weaning, merging, reclassing and more.

All bulk processing can be done in three steps:

  1. Move all livestock that need processing to a Yard
  2. Merge relevant mobs
  3. Split and re-class merged mobs back to their paddocks

Note: When you split a mob you are often doing it for reasons like classing, weaning, drafting etc. and you will often have to change the details of the mob. We have made this easy with the ‘Advanced splitting options’. You can now change the ages, classes and gender of the moving and remaining mobs with ease.

Select a single mob > Select ‘Move/Split mob’ > Define number to move > Change age/class/gender > Split Mob

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