January 27, 2022

2021 Mobbler Stories

We caught up with a handful of Mobblers last year to chat about all things farming and how Mobble is adding value to their operations. 

From creating productive pastures, increasing worker engagement and building farms from the ground up - have a read of what these legends had to say. 

We’ll be chatting to more Mobblers in 2022 to learn more about tips, successes and what they love about farming. If you’re keen to have a chin-wag and share your story - let us know at hello@mobble.io

Glenmore Stations Todd Walker on the importance of centralising farm data 👍

We were lucky enough to catch Glenmore Station Stock Manager Todd Walker on a rainy day in Tekapo to discuss all things Mobble and how the software benefits his team on the farm. Glenmore traded in the notebook for Mobble almost a year ago and haven’t looked back. Read all about their operation’s use of Mobble here

Shifting stock on Glenmore Station

Cattle farmer John increases worker engagement and saves time on the farm with Mobble 🧑‍🌾

We had a chat with AgForce Queensland's Regional Director John Baker about how Mobble is adding value to his operation. In this article, John gives us the low down about his go-to features and why he recommends Mobble to other farmers. Find out more here.

John Baker and the family

Mobble keeping everyone on the same page at McCulloch Pastoral 🐏

Deniliquin farmers, the McCulloch family, started using Mobble back in February 2019 and haven’t looked back. They were looking for an easy way to keep track of operations for their McCullock Pastoral enterprise and Rhys McCulloch recently told The Land Newspaper that it worked out even better than they expected. Find out more here.

Rhys McCulloch, Will Kirby, Craig McCulloch and Tony Smith of McCulloch Pastoral

From the ground up: Colin Squires on getting into farming with Mobble 🐮

We caught up with first-generation farmer, Colin Squires, to chat all about his big journey from suburban to farming life. Now owning and operating a cattle farm in Swanpool Vic, Colin and his partner are slowly building up their Angus breeding herd from the ground up, with Mobble lending a hand along the way. Find out more here.

Colin, Annalie and their best worker in Swanpool, Victoria.

Turning overgrazed sheep camps into productive pastures with Charlie Heal 🌱

Charlie Heal is a longtime Mobbler who sat down with Jock earlier last year to chat about the changes he's making to improve farm productivity and regenerate the land. In this article Charlie dives into how Mobble is helping him with this mission.

Charlie Heal. Photo: AgWe

From City Life to Lockley - one Mobblers journey into Holistic grazing Management   👩‍🌾

Back in May last year, we caught up with Mobbler Susie Bate to discuss her move from the finance sector to the farm, and how her newcomer's perspective allowed her to ask the right questions when things weren't going to plan. Now a successful holistic grazier, Susie has some valuable insights to share about her journey and the value of questioning the status quo here.

Susie Bate and her dog Archie on their farm Benacre.

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