January 5, 2020

A personal message from our Chief Mobbler

(thank you for your support in 2019)

As we roll over into 2020, it’s a good time to reflect on the year that’s been and look forward to the year ahead. For Mobble, 2019 was a year of acceptance into the agricultural community. Whether you became a Mobble farmer (Mobbler), a friend, a partner, an investor, a mentor, or just looked us up to see what we’re all about, thanks for being a part of our evolving story. It’s you that has got us to where we are today.

As we stand, we are a small (but rapidly growing), farmer-owned start-up playing against some big brands on the world stage, and we are grateful beyond words when you choose us. In 2020, we will continue our journey on building the №1 livestock farm management software in the world, and carry on with listening and acting on farmer feedback.

In 2019 we committed to our belief of sustainable farmer-centric growth by announcing a fundraising target of $300k to reach that goal. As we grow it is imperative that we keep farmers the leading driver to our success, this is why we are keeping Mobble majority farmer owned.

So from myself and my farming family to you and yours, all the best for the year ahead. May it be filled with great yields, extinguished fires, healthy livestock and fantastic adventures — and may you no longer need to worry about which mob was in which paddock ever again.

Jock Lawrence

Co-Founder and CEO

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