July 22, 2020

Best Livestock Farm Management Apps - a comparison guide

With Jamima Jamieson & Jock Lawrence

As livestock farm management software becomes the record-keeping system of choice for Australian and New Zealand farmers, more and more solutions are being launched onto the market. With so many to choose from, it can be challenging to pick the best farm management software for your farm.

To help you out, we have put together a livestock farm management app comparison guide.

Total Farm & Livestock Management

Below is a comparison table and review of what we think are the most comprehensive livestock farm management apps on the market - Mobble, Agriwebb and MaiaGrazing.

Mobble, Agriwebb, MaiaGrazing software review

In our search for software that covers total farm & livestock management, we found that even the most comprehensive software solutions didn’t have everything - and if you were looking for things such as individual livestock management, you would have to go elsewhere.

Individual Livestock Management

Specialised individual livestock management is a growing space, and as demand in this area increases - we are going to see some fantastic products develop into the future. Two products that are ahead of the game are Sapien Technology and Tru-Test.

If you want something simple for weight gain, Tru-Test might be what you are after with a simple weight gain interface and a data link to your phone or computer. If you want something more in-depth, such as individual records on progeny, then Sapien Technology might be more up your lane-way.

Software for Mixed Farmers

Mobble and Agriwebb are great solutions for mixed operations, allowing farmers to plug in livestock and paddock records relatively easily. They both help with identifying With Holding Periods (WHP) of paddocks, compliance, spraying and chemical inventory. 

For mixed farmers, the most significant difference between the two is Mobble’s flexibility verse’s Agriwebb’s comprehensiveness. We would recommend Mobble for sheep and crop farmers, and Agriwebb for cattle and crop.

Both Agriwebb and Mobble work for mixed farmers; it all depends on what you are after - the simplicity of Mobble vs the comprehensive reporting of Agriwebb.

Pasture Management and Regenerative Farming

MaiaGrazing is an industry leader in grazing management. It offers alternate scenario analysis, allowing you to mitigate risk. It is not tailored to farm records as well as Mobble and Agriwebb, but is undoubtedly a powerful tool if you’re looking to get the most out of your pastures.

Compliance and Record-Keeping

If you want something simple for compliance and record keeping - then Mobble is likely the best solution for you. Farmers that use Mobble often say that it’s the most adaptive and easy-to-use tool on the market.

Agriwebb also has excellent compliance capabilities, while Maia is more clunky around compliance than the other two and truly specialises in pasture management.

Best all-round farm management software

We know it’s hard to find a farm management software that ticks all the boxes, as many solutions are fantastic in some areas and weak in others. While we don’t mean to blow our own horn, if you're a farmer looking for the best all-round farm management software, Mobble is well worth a free trial. It's value for money, and very adaptable to any farming style.

We hope this comparison guide has been useful in making your choice of farm management software.

All the best,

Jamima Jamieson & Jock Lawrence

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